Dynamic change takes hard work, are you ready?

As we move towards 2030 and an ever-changing global market, individuals, business owners, government and non-government organizations must able to adapt to one that one thing that is everywhere: change.

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Today’s leaders will need to develop better skills and greater insight to better understand why and how these changes occur. As the world around, us moves quicker and demands increase on a personal level and for the organizations we own, manage or work in, we will now need to learn how to deal on much higher level both mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. It is here that a qualified senior partner and an Executive Coach can really make a difference.

Dr. Shayne Tracy is a senior qualified Executive Master Coach. A teacher, a leader, a trainer and a guide dedicated to helping you and your organization achieve more. More can mean less stress, more revenue, a better organization, quality team environments, qualified leadership, bringing out the best in people or just helping your organization simply adapt to an ever-changing world market place.

Dr. Tracy is also an accomplished advisor, trainer, facilitator and your partner. He is at home in the board room, walking the warehouse floor, teaching executives in the classroom or assisting entrepreneurs on an individual personal level develop the confidence or the deep insight required to help bring about change. His mantra, be more, do more, have more.

Why you should hire me

Dr. Tracy is a senior qualified master coach

Coming from several decades of experience in the training, educational and entrepreneur field, Shayne has a deep understanding of people and the importance of interpersonal communication. His skills are about helping people and making a difference for all the clients he works with. It doesn’t matter whether he is coaching individuals, teams or working one-on-one with a senior team member, manager or business owner, Shayne’s method for getting to the root of a problem is about developing organizational strategies or individual growth solutions or team programs that work.

Learn About My Values

Values: I Live By

  • 1.My Clients

    I am dedicated to the development of my clients and their growth as people beyond their professional setting. I believe that the key to career growth is in the mental and emotional strength of my clients and their ability to self- manage and affect their environments and futures. Through the pursuit of their own self-understanding and planning tactics, I can help them reach not only their personal career goals but to also develop a deep, life-long personal understanding on who they are and what they want to accomplish.

  • 2.Ethics

    My practice is based on a strong foundation of ethical practice and trust. With my clients depending on my judgement and my ability to fairly and accurately guide them, my coaching thrives on my ability to ensure that the lessons gained and earned from my coaching will help them build a life or develop a business that is built on integrity.

  • 3.Learning

    With a world exponentially growing and changing, the importance of coaching and learning is more important today than ever. As a realist I work with clients to help them learn or develop the skills that they need, to solve problems, address issues and help them become better personal leaders every day.

  • 4.Empathy

    The concept of empathy is not one regularly addressed in traditional business environments, but it is one that is growing to be more and more crucial. With standards of business and communication shifting in the modern age, emotional fluency is more important than ever. The ability to relate to and understand those around you, be it clients or team members, is crucial in building anything worthwhile. As a coach, I teach and practice this as part of my day to day practice.

  • 5.Self Confidence

    Self-confidence is one of the most valuable attributes every human can have regardless of their professional background. This one attribute effects every facet of life and business. One of my ultimate goals as a coach is to help a client develop more self-confidence so that they can confidently make the changes and decisions they need to make every day.

  • 6.Communication

    My work rotates on an axis of communication and honesty, between myself and the clients I work with. Learning the power of clear, authentic and honest communication in the office and in everyday life is the basis for my practice. The ability to accurately and confidently communicate your intention through goal achievement in your career or business or in everyday life pursuits is crucial. I seek to demonstrate the power of honest expression and the wonders it can do for collaboration and teamwork. A true leader knows the value of good clear communication skills.

  • 7.Safe Environment

    The power of openness and vulnerability is essential to the development of my coach-client relationships and the relationships that my clients go on to form in their organization and their personal lives. By creating a safe space, free of biased judgement and negative influence, I provide my clients with an opportunity to be open and honest, providing the client and coach with the opportunity to share to help and them realize their full potential. The goal, have more, be more, do more.



- In gaining knowledge my process begins with connecting with the client and looking into the problem areas or area where they are stuck and the goals they have convinced themselves that they want to acheive but think they cannot reach. I investigate their outlook and their environment and look for ways to help them flourish and grow within themselves and in the environment, they wish to build. By asking for everything from the client, I can learn what they are having trouble with internally and externally.


- Once I understand my client and their needs, I set out a list of tasks and exercises to complete. These programs will help them get a better perception of themselves and their goals. The most difficult part of addressing most of my clients’ needs lie in the mindset. The planning portion relies on the client's ability to be honest with themselves. As their coach we can approach their blocks and challenges effectively and help develop strategies with a focus that will help bring about changes to improve the situation. The journey begins with an open mind.


- Once the goals are set and plans developed, the execution includes a client’s desire to change and to follow through working and keeping in mind the progress we make together. I can provide them with exercises, tasks and metaphors. The key to the completion of our work together lies in the client's belief and motivation for change and their ability to alter their behaviour, perception and mindset to actively pursue meaningful metamorphosis and meaningful work. The answers lie in the client, I just try to help them realize that.

I am dedicated to the development of my clients and their growth

Shayne's core skill is helping clients better understand the issues and then being able to develop an approach or a key strategy that makes a difference for them and others.



Shayne’s coaching is a holistic guidance method that helps clients realize their own potential and talents and the habits, behaviors, values, emotional intelligence and skills they require to form/break to reach their deserved outcome.

Business Coaching

Having been a company founder and business owner, Shayne will assist you and your business to achieve higher levels of performance, productivity and profitability through diagnostics, dialogue, process change, planning and recruitment.

Assessment / Evaluation

Shayne is certified in a wide range of individual and organization development assessment tools to assist with leadership, communication, conflict, emotional intelligence, team development and to perform organization diagnosis.

Group Coaching

Shayne’s methods apply to groups as well as to individual clients, helping teams and organizations grow together as a cohesive unit, looking for the common goals that strengthen any group working together. Shayne can help your group to learn to not only work better together, but to become a true high performing team.

Master Coach Training

Having coached or worked with over 300 clients worldwide, in affiliation with the Behavioral Coaching Institute, Shayne has helped make a difference to to the world and those around him. He has helped many individuals become Master Coaches; teachers and guides for others using his breath of skills and knowledge and his wisdom.